highest-quality products for your commercial metal roofing needs

Commercial metal roofing is a great selection to keep your roof maintenance costs down long-term, and nowadays there are more styles and colors to choose from to keep your property looking flashy from the rooftop to the foundation. Nicknamed as a “forever roof”, this roof style is extremely durable – especially when compared with the common asphalt roof type (which we here at Apex Commercial Roofing don’t even do). One of the reasons for this is that commercial metal roofing has a lifespan of roughly three times as long as traditional asphalt shingles, which only last about 20 years.

Tried and true, metal roofing is excellent at draining moisture away from your property by nature. Options include aluminum shingles and field-locking standing seam types, which are among the commercial metal roofing options that provide exceptional value – including at the seams. Commercial metal roofing made from a selection of copper or zinc materials easily lasts over a century.

Many metal roofs are composites of materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc. This style of commercial roofing comes in rolls and sheets, but individual shingles are still available if you want them. Metal roofs are the number-one choice for energy efficiency as well as longevity. Weather resistance is one of the main advantages of commercial metal roofing – whether wind, sleet or snow.

We use the highest-quality products for your commercial metal roofing needs. We select brands from Fortune 500 companies rather than using the latest gimmicks to give you a greater guarantee on your investment in commercial metal roofing or other needs. Brands such as Carlisle SynTec, Firestone Building Products, GAF Materials Corporation, and GenFlex Roofing Systems are in our lineup to meet your needs with our materials selection.