Here at Apex Commercial Roofing, we’re here to help you find the best roofing material for your building. To give you an idea of what your options are, here are some of the commercial roofing materials we often recommend and why:

•   EPDM Roofing—This is one of the longest-lasting types of roofing materials out there, thanks to its incredible versatility and durability. In addition to its longevity, EDPM roofing is relatively simple to install, and compared with other types of commercial roofs, maintaining it and repairing it is easier, too.

Commercial Roofing Materials You Should Consider for Your Building
•   Thermoplastic Roofing – This type of commercial roofing is gaining in popularity. Made from a specialized material that boasts high-temperature tolerance and low-temperature flexibility, thermoplastic roofing is resistant to chemical, ozone, and ultraviolet exposure. Plus, most thermoplastic roofs have a lifespan of 20+ years.

•   Polyvinyl Chloride Roofs – These roofs are made up of two layers of PVC roof material. Polyester acts as a reinforcement between the two layers that make the roof flexible and UV-stable while preventing curling. This roofing material is also incredibly lightweight, but durable.

•   Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofs – These roofs are made from a plastic that turns from a liquid into a solid within a matter of seconds. As it dries, the material expands up to 30 times. Ideal for energy-conscious building owners, spray polyurethane foam roofs often pay for themselves in terms of energy savings, thanks to their reflective topcoat. Additionally, they boast incredible durability and tensile strength.

•   Other Roofing – There are also alternative roofing options available for your commercial roof, including green roofing systems, modified roofing systems, and even acrylic roof coatings. We would be happy to discuss these roofing options with you in terms of how they could benefit your individual building.