Maintenance is Key to the Longevity of Your Commercial Flat Roofing

Commercial flat roofing isn’t truly flat. It is installed with a very low pitch, still allowing water to drain off when installed correctly and regularly maintained. Commercial flat roofing can require more maintenance than other types of roofing because of the potential for it to develop standing water, which can cause damage and leaks.

With proper maintenance (usually twice a year in the Spring and Autumn), commercial flat roofing can be a great option for your business. It keeps everyone who needs to work on the roof safer and makes it easier to install new HVAC components, solar panels or any needed satellite dishes.

If you have a flat roofing system, here are some things to consider about maintaining it:

  • Keep trees under control: The shade and debris created by trees is particularly problematic for flat roofing. Falling limbs and leaves can clog drains and encourage standing water. Keep your trees trimmed back away from your roof to avoid these problems.
  • Remove debris in a timely manner: Any debris can encourage standing water and clog your drains.
  • Check for pooling water: Regularly check your roof for pooling water. This could be a sign that a repair is needed.

During your biannual maintenance visit, your roofing professional will thoroughly clean and check your roof. They will probably pay extra close attention to areas like seams, penetrations (AC units, vents, skylights) and flashings where problems are most likely to occur. They will check your drains and water channels to make sure everything is working as it should.