Red Flags to Avoid When Looking for a Commercial Roofer

Whether you need a completely new commercial roof or some minor repairs, it is extremely important to find a commercial roofer you can trust. Commercial roofs are very expensive, so you need to be sure that your commercial roofer will install yours correctly and make effective repairs. The roofing industry can be competitive, and unfortunately, some roofing companies are less than qualified to help you, especially as far as commercial roofing goes.

To help you avoid hiring an untrustworthy commercial roofer and the repercussions of that decision, we have provided a list of red flags to watch out for:

• They are unlicensed or uninsured. Never hire a commercial roofer if they can’t provide you with proof of their license or insurance. This requirement is the bare minimum for a trustworthy roofer, and if they don’t meet it, you risk expensive damage to your property. You may also be liable if an accident happens and the roofers don’t have insurance.
• They don’t have experience with commercial roofing. As obvious as this point may seem, it needs to be said. Residential roofing is very different from commercial roofing, so you should never hire a roofer to work on your commercial roof if they only have experience with residential roofs.
• They ask you to pay everything upfront. While it is normal for a commercial roofer to ask for a down payment, it is uncommon for them to ask for the entire payment before they even do any work for you.
• Their prices are unusually low. If you ask for multiple quotes from commercial roofing companies and one of them offers very low pricing, you probably won’t be getting quality workmanship from them.