many commercial roofs have different designs than residential ones

To many, there may seem to be little difference between the roof of a home and the roof of a business. A roof is a roof, right? We at Apex Commercial Roofing, however, know that there are several important differences between residential and commercial roofs, and we know the reasons for each one. Whether you’re just curious or you’re doing research to choose a roofer, this overview will help you understand the differences between the two kinds of roofs.

  • Roof Design- One of the most obvious differences between residential and commercial roofs is that many commercial roofs have different designs than residential ones. For one, most commercial properties are larger than a typical home, and their roofs have a much larger area to cover. Another difference is that the majority of commercial roofs have a lower slope or are entirely flat, both of which mean that the roof will need more maintenance to stay in good shape.
  • Added Complexity- Most residential roofs are fairly simple to install. While some homeowners may want to add additional features like solar panels, the only thing roofers need to work around when installing them is the chimney. In contrast, commercial roofs have additional features that must be accounted for, such as smokestacks, external piping, and airflow systems. Commercial roofers, including our team at Apex Commercial Roofing, have the right experience to work round these systems, while residential roofers typically never have to deal with them.

If the roof of your business is in need of maintenance or repair, you can call our experts at Apex Commercial Roofing to take care of the problem.