Commercial Flat Roofing, Lakewood, CO

If you have commercial flat roofing, you need a roofing company that understands the unique maintenance needs of this type of roof.

Commercial Flat Roofing in Lakewood, Colorado

Commercial Flat Roofing in Lakewood – There are other roofing companies in Lakewood, Colorado, but here at Apex Commercial Roofing, we specialize in commercial roofing of all kinds, including commercial flat roofing. There are many advantages to commercial flat roofing, which isn’t really flat at all. This kind of roof has a gentle, low slope that allows water to drain to one side or the other. One of the biggest advantages is that it is much easier and cheaper to place and install your building’s HVAC system on the roof. It is also easy to move around on the roof as needed.

One of the major considerations of commercial flat roofing before installation is that it will probably require more maintenance and periodic repairs than other types of roofing. For many businesses, the tradeoff is well worth it. We can help you determine what type of roof is the best option for your new build or roof replacement project in Lakewood. We can also come out and assess your current roof to make sure the water is channeling off the roof properly and inspect your other drainage systems like gutters. If you have leaks, we can locate the problem and repair the roof as needed.

When it comes to commercial flat roofing, you will definitely want a roofing contractor with experience and ongoing training specific to this type of roof. That’s what you’ll get with us. Our crew regularly attends in-house and factory training to stay well-informed on recommended practices with each of the reliable products we install. Give us a call to learn more or answer any questions today.

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