Commercial Low Slope, Lakewood, CO

We have decades of experience installing, repairing and replacing commercial low slope roofs.

Commercial Low Slope in Lakewood, Colorado

Commercial Low Slope in Lakewood – Commercial low slope roofing is sometimes referred to as “flat” roofing, but low slope is a more accurate way to describe it. This type of roof may appear flat, but it is actually slightly sloped, which promotes water drainage. While this type of roof is very typical on warehouses and factories, you will find it on many different commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Even though commercial low slope roofing is fairly common, not every roofer has the training and experience needed to work with this type of roof.

Here at Apex Commercial Roofing, we can take care of all your commercial low slope roofing needs, including:

  • New installation: If you are completing construction on a new commercial building, we want to help you get your roof installed correctly the first time. The cost of your roof is a huge part of your investment and an improperly installed roof can cause major damage in a hurry.
  • Repairs: Any time you need to have repairs to your roof, give us a call. We have seen just about every possible scenario with roof leaks and we can help find the problem, diagnose it and repair it so that no further water damage occurs. We can also inspect your roof and discuss when it may need to be replaced, so you can plan for the expense.
  • Roof replacement: No matter how well installed and maintained it is, every roof eventually needs to be replaced. We can help you get a quality roof installed correctly for long-lasting results.

If you need help with your commercial low slope roofing in or near Lakewood, Colorado, give us a call today.

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