Commercial Roof Repair, Denver, CO

When you need an opinion about commercial roof repair for your Denver property, count on our qualified team to provide the answers you need.

Commercial Roof Repair, Denver, Colorado

Commercial Roof Repair in Denver – Have you been told that your commercial building’s roof is beyond hope? Do you question whether commercial roof repair might be able to give you at least a few more years? Here at Apex Commercial Roofing, we have enjoyed great success with breathing new life into commercial roofs that others thought were beyond redemption. Before you get started with a complete re-roofing, give us a call and let us assess the situation. You can count on us for an honest opinion about the potential for commercial roof repair to extend the life of your building’s roof enough to warrant the expense of doing so.

Don’t put off your commercial roof repair; call us right away instead.


Warning Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

It goes without saying that maintaining your commercial building is vital to your company’s success, but it can be easy to overlook a problem when you are focused on regular business operations. Here at Apex Commercial Roofing, we want to help you with your roofing needs, and that starts by alerting you to warning signs that you may need commercial roof repair.

Call us if you notice any of the following:

  • Water Stains– Even though a water stain on a ceiling or wall could be caused by a plumbing issue or something else, it can also be an indication you need commercial roof repair. It is better to call us to have it checked out than to let the situation worsen.
  • Dampness Odors– Not every roof leak involves visible water damage signs. Sometimes the water gets trapped inside walls and other areas, but in those situations, you might still notice a damp odor.
  • Increased Utilities– There are two ways in which a damaged, worn out, or failing roof can cause your utility bills to climb. One is that added moisture due to leaks increases humidity, making the air conditioner work harder to keep the building comfortable. The second is that the roofing is no longer providing the insulation it should, so it is harder for your HVAC system to cool or heat the building.
  • Visual Damage– Although you likely don’t spend time on your building’s roof, you might notice sagging, bubbles, missing shingles, or other damage even from the ground.
  • Advanced Age– Not really a warning sign, but if your commercial roof has been there for a long time, it is entirely possible that commercial roof repair, or more likely replacement, may be needed.


There are any number of roofing gimmicks going around the Denver, Colorado area, each promising to be better than the tried-and-true roofing systems that have survived countless attacks by snow, rain, sun, and hail. We don’t believe in taking chances on unproven new systems, especially when we’ve seen the reliability of the Fortune 500 roofing material manufacturer’s systems. We are proud to offer systems from Carlisle Syn Tec, GenFlex Roofing Systems, Firestone Building Products, and GAF Materials Corporation because we know they are among the best there are. We are certified to install and complete commercial roof repair with a variety of manufacturers.

The secret to our exceptional commercial roof repair results is dedication to using high-quality materials and obtaining extensive training for our qualified team. Our team receives both in-house and factory training to ensure the best results. We provide commercial roof repair for any type of commercial building, including churches, office and industrial buildings, apartment complexes, retail centers, and car dealerships. If you have a roof that has seen better days, call us first and see if our commercial roof repair services can save you money.



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