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Our commercial roofing contractors can handle all of your roofing needs in Denver.

Commercial Roofing Company in Denver, CO

Commercial Roofing Contractor in Denver – The roof on your commercial structure serves an important purpose: it protects the interior of your building from the harsh climate conditions, pests, and other potential risks outside. If your roof is damaged in any way, you may notice some concerning warning signs, such as mold growth in the structure, cold drafts throughout the interior, or rising energy bills. When it comes to taking care of the roof at your office building or other commercial structure, it’s critical to turn the tasks over to an experienced commercial roofing contractor.

Turn to Us for Roofing Work on Any of These Commercial Buildings

Here at Apex Commercial Roofing, we know we aren’t the only commercial roofing contractor in the Denver, Colorado area. However, we also know that few can manage the unique needs of commercial clients of all types as well as we can. We have experience with many different types of commercial buildings and can assure you that your building will be well-protected against the severe weather we have in this area when you call on our team to install your commercial roofing.

Here are some of the commercial building types our trained and certified team has had the honor to apply premium workmanship to:

  • Apartment Buildings– Whether you have one building or a large apartment complex, we can work with you to schedule roofing services with as little disruption to your tenants as possible.
  • Car Dealerships– We understand that your vehicle inventory needs to be kept safe, so we’ll maintain a tidy worksite when providing our commercial roofing services.
  • Industrial Buildings– We have the expertise you need for even the largest industrial buildings.
  • Retail Centers– Keep your retail tenants happy with reliable roofing that won’t have them screaming about leaks ruining their inventory.
  • Churches– Umbrellas should only be used outdoors, not when attending services inside your church, so count on us for reliable roofing services to keep your congregation dry and safe.
  • Office Buildings– It is pretty difficult to be productive if your staff is running around with buckets every time it rains. Let us keep that from happening!


A commercial roofing contractor specializes in services for commercial clients, including roof replacement, repair, maintenance, and installation. At Apex Commercial Roofing, our commercial roofing contractors can handle all of your roofing needs in Denver, Colorado. Although you’ll find a number of companies in Denver that offer roofing services, not all can manage the unique needs of commercial clients. The roofs found on commercial structures tend to be much larger and more durable than what you would have on your home, so it’s important to choose a partner who is familiar with these differences to handle your roofing services.

At Apex Commercial Roofing, we have years of experience in the industry and offer the best possible service to each of our clients. We always use high-quality roofing materials and stand behind our work to ensure a positive experience from start to finish, as well as long after the job is complete. Contact us today to learn more about the commercial roofing services we offer in the Denver area.

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